Show the implementation of web services

A web serivces is a client server application or application component for communication
Web services is a method of communication between two device over network.
web serivces is a software system for interoprate machine to machine communication.
web services is a collective of standard or protocols for exchanging information between two device or application.
web serivces are self-contained, modular, distributed dynamic application that can be described published location or invoked over the network to create product,process and supplu chains.
these application can be local distributed or web based,web services are built an top of open staandard such as TCP/IP ,HTTP,Java HTML and XML

Component of web serivces

Basic webservices platform is XML and HTTP

  1. SOAP(Simple Object Acess Protocol)
  2. UDDI(Universal Description Discovery & Integration)
  3. WSDL(Simple Object Acess Protocol)
  1. XML to tag the data
  2. SOAP to tranfer a message
  3. WSDL to describe the availability of services

Program / Practical Code


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